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With heaps of maps and mapping data, fantastic software and some pretty awesome services that help automate your tasks,

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miso is the innovative trading division of Dotted Eyes Ltd. Our products and services are dedicated to making mapping & data processing easier. We automate all those slow, tedious, repetitive tasks, so you can focus on the real work.  

The Company


As well as having an awesome team, we also partner with some of the best vendors in the industry.



You can't measure the value of good data, but you can measure the amount of time it takes to check, correct and optimise it. That's why we take care of all that tedious stuff for you and make it damn pretty to boot!


With loads of GIS software solutions out there, choosing the right one for your data needs can befuddle even the biggest GIS buff. That's why we've kept it simple by focusing on translation, analytic and mobile solutions, and only working with the finest vendors in the business.

  • FME Desktop

    FME Desktop

    FME automates data manipulation and transformation tasks, optimising your data so it’s ready to use.

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  • Tableau


    Tableau connects live to your data and creates stunning visualisations ready to analyse in seconds.

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  • MapInfo Professional

    MapInfo Professional

    MapInfo is a powerful mapping and geographic analysis application, leading the field since 1986.

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  • RouteFinder


    RouteFinder Professional helps you optimise your service planning and resource allocation and visualises these areas from within MapInfo.

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We want you to enjoy using maps and get the most out of them without being held back by the technology and processing. So, whether you're trying to source, prepare or share your data, we've developed a bunch of clever services to make working with maps easier.


Surely you want to get trained by someone who’s not just read about it but actually done it? Our battle-hardened trainers have fought through software scuffles to bring you real world know-how. And the best thing is, you choose where you want them - your place or ours?


Now you're trained, you can run the application but what happens if you hit a stumbling block? No sweat! Our experienced developers, consultants and trainers will pick you up, brush you down and get you back on track in no time.

  • Lite Support

    • 1 named users
    • 3 tickets per annum
    • Unlimited access to our online knowledgebase
    • Additional tickets (£150 per 5)
  • Standard Support

    • 3 named users
    • 25 tickets per annum
    • Unlimited access to our online knowledgebase
    • Additional tickets (£100 per 5)
  • Enterprise Support

    • 10 named users
    • Unlimited tickets
    • Unlimited access to our online knowledgebase
    • 5% discount on public training


Keep your finger on the pulse and join us at our action packed events to help you maximise the potential of data in your organisation.

  • FME Events

    FME Events

    With interactive workshops, hands-on activities and useful FME tips and tricks, these events are a must if you're using or considering FME.

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  • Tableau Workshops

    Tableau Workshops

    Experience the power of Tableau, share ideas with other users and learn how you can revolutionise your data with this brilliant BI tool.

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  • Twitter: @misoportal
  • Email: info@misoportal.com
  • Phone: +44 121 232 8000
  • Address: 67-71 Northwood Street, Birmingham, B3 1TX
  • Carrier Pigeon: 52.486464, -1.907352
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