A closer look at our first 200 datasets

By Sam Cliff on January 14, 2014. Categorised in INSPIRE requirements, Local Government

DEFRA’s central solution is no more and LGA funding is definitely on the way, but the challenge to publish INSPIRE data is still lurking on the 2014 to-do lists of local authorities across the UK.


“But what data do I publish?”

“How do I get it onto data.gov.uk?”

“What on earth do I do with metadata?”


It may seem a bit daunting but getting to grips with INSPIRE regulations is actually a lot easier than you think. Don’t panic – get a cup of tea and check this out…

So far we have:

Helped 50 local authorities

Published well over 200 datasets live on data.gov.uk

Opened 706 dataslots

And have a whopping 1000 datasets on the way…

All with 1 simple platform – DataPublisher

It’s our quick, hassle-free and fully compliant online service where you can drag and drop your INSPIRE datasets and we upload them to data.gov.uk (you can read more about it here). So at miso we know a thing or two about INSPIRE data and we thought we’d share our findings with you.

We took note of the top 20 most common dataset themes we’ve seen from the Annex III list to give you an idea of what other organisations are uploading with Article 4 & Tree Preservation Orders leading  the way.

miso’s Top 20 INSPIRE dataset categories miso’s Top 20 INSPIRE dataset categories


We also found that out of our DataPublisher customers the average local authority has an average of 10 datasets each – live on data.gov.uk right now with more on the way!


live datasets Average number of live datasets by Local Authority


So how many slots in total do our customers buy for their INSPIRE data? Our average here is 20 per Local Authority – This shows that the average organisation intends to publish around 20 INSPIRE data sets this year. Of course the number you publish depends on the amount of data you have that the INSPIRE requirements apply to.

As for INSPIRE metadata – we’ve got that covered too. Check out our videos and templates on our Datapublisher page to guide you through the UK metadata editor tool or visit our misoTV page on YouTube.


If you have any burning questions or just fancy a chat about DataPublisher or INSPIRE phone us on 0121 232 8000 or email us at info@misoportal.com

Don’t forget we are also on G-Cloud – you can find us on the CloudStore by searching ‘miso’.