Our Top 3 Favourite FME Desktop 2014 Features

By Laura on January 16, 2014. Categorised in FME, Software

It’s that time of the year again. Our friends at Vancouver have been working really hard – Safe Software has just released the latest version of FME – FME 2014. Here at miso we have been playing with the new software and so far the new features have been pretty impressive.

Here are my Top 3 features of the new FME Desktop 2014:


1. FME Workbench – Transformer Pop-Up Buttons and Collapsible Parameter Panels

Besides the new look and feel of the new Mac canvas for the Mac lovers, FME 2014 on windows comes with a new graceful, well-designed and smart user interface. It also comes with a whole lot of new functionalities. I will justify my praise with the new Pop-Up Buttons that have just been introduced in this new release which makes the software even easier to use.

When you insert a multi-port transformer into a workspace, you now see little pop-up buttons like these:

fme 2014 workbench

These buttons are used to define the port to connect to. Isn’t this superb? You can use the far left button if you change your mind and don’t want to connect the transformer anymore – just click it and it will disconnect the transformer. The middle and right buttons are used to choose desired incoming and outgoing ports to connect to. You get a list of available ports to choose from. The good thing about this is that you do not have to open any dialog to choose your connection settings.

2. Web Services

With web services now becoming crucial in any GIS, it’s no surprise that Safe Software have launched a host of new web services related transformers.

My favourites in this category are the S3Uploader and S3Downloader simply because here at miso, we share a lot of data on Amazon and these transformers will contribute to our process automation.


These transformers upload to and download from an Amazon S3 bucket.


3. Databases

FME did a great job with databases – especially when loading data to databases; however, performing simple updates wasn’t very intuitive. FME 2014 now has 2 new transformers – the DatabaseUpdater and DatabaseDeleter.


The DatabaseUpdater updates a row in a database table by specifying a WHERE clause or a match column and the DatabaseDeleter deletes a row in a database table using the same technique.

Previous versions of FME also did not support null values; FME was not very good in handling null, missing and empty values explicitly. Writing null values to a database required writing shut down scripts in SQL to update the database. FME 2014 eliminates this overhead and seamlessly supports writing null values. All transformers now support null values and explicitly differentiate between null, missing and empty attribute values. An example of this is shown in the Attribute Creator where the address value is explicitly set to null.


The NullAttributeMapper also maps bulk attributes values from/to null, missing or empty attribute values.


So there we have it, my top 3 features of FME 2014.

Don’t forget we are also hosting the FME World Tour in our hometown of Birmingham. Our big brother Dotted Eyes is running the show check out their World Tour event page for loads more information about what’s going on and how to book.

For more information on FME chat to us on 0121 2328000 or email us at info@misoportal.com