FME Server: 5 Myths Busted

By Jenny on August 8, 2017. Categorised in Data Management, FME

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There’s no escaping the fact that FME Server is an extremely powerful tool, but we’ve noticed that there are a few misconceptions out there that stop organisations from adopting it. We think that’s a real shame, because it is one of the most robust and flexible ways for organisations to tackle their data management challenges.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together our views on 5 of the most common myths we hear on our travels:


1. It’ll be really expensive

FME Server only costs around the same as 2 FME Desktop Database Edition licences, but you have far more muscle to play with. In our opinion, it’s pretty cheap for the extra processing punch you’ll benefit from.


2. I’ll need to buy loads and loads of licences to reap the benefits

Nope. FME Server comes as an enterprise licence, meaning the whole organisation can benefit from it without the need to fork out loads on additional licences.


 3. It’s no different to running batch processes in FME Desktop

Whilst it’s true that FME Desktop can be used to run batch processes, FME Server can do so much more. FME Server has the inbuilt ability to schedule and prioritise tasks so that you can just leave it running in the background without having to do a thing. You can also run multiple processes simultaneously, which is something FME Desktop simply isn’t capable of.


4. It’s hard to download and install

It’s actually quite straightforward to download and install – your IT team should be able to do this pretty easily for you. We can also be on-hand to help with the setup if you do get stuck.


5. It’s not end-user-friendly

FME Server sounds scary, but many organisations choose to use it behind a simple webpage to enable self-service access to data. This way, end users get to benefit from real-time, accurate data without ever needing to see any of the tricky stuff – they just choose their preferences on-screen and hit ‘go’.