Happy 25th Birthday Safe Software!

By Josh Crampton on November 6, 2018. Categorised in FME, Services, Software

The creators of FME, Safe Software, are gearing up to celebrate their 25th birthday. Miso are thrilled to have been part of their journey so far; here’s to many more successful years of working together!

Our customers have used FME to combat a huge amount of both spatial and non-spatial data challenges. From translating raw data into high-quality and high-value output, to improving data quality at the touch of a button. From intelligently identifying assets, to determining maintenance cycles and automating large-scale ETL processes. FME is being utilised in increasingly innovative ways to really bring its full capabilities to the fore.

Over 200 of our customers have benefitted from having FME software implemented and integrated within their organisations. A further array of customers, across many sectors, have enjoyed excellent miso services such as expert consultancy, training, and support over the course of our thriving 20 year partnership.

In celebration of reaching their quarter of a century milestone, Safe Software are asking for your FME memories and highlights. They want to hear about what you remember about your first encounter with the tool, memories of FME project successes, or training sessions and events attended (perhaps even one of our own FME World Tour events!). Join in the conversation by tweeting to @SafeSoftware using the #BirthdayCountdown. We would also love to hear about your FME good news stories, so feel free to also share them with us by tweeting to @misoportal!