FME – The Final Piece in Your Data Puzzle

By Josh Crampton on February 14, 2019. Categorised in FME, FME User Experience, Services, Software, Training, Uncategorized

Miso have been happily partnered-up with Safe Software (the creators of FME) for two decades now. During this time, we’ve worked hand-in-hand to promote and accelerate the use of FME across the UK; offering software, valuable services such as training and technical support, and project consultancy. We love FME here at miso, and if you aren’t already familiar with the product, well… we’re more than happy to set-up a blind date…

FME’s uses and benefits are hugely varied and almost innumerate. We’ve selected some of our top picks for why FME is such an attractive choice, but this list could’ve been a whole lot longer! Maybe we’ll return to this enduring love story again some time.

  • It saves you time.

Probably one of the most evident benefits of using FME to conduct and automate those frustrating manual data processing tasks is that it takes the strain off you and allows you to focus on more pressing matters elsewhere. Whether you’re handling, uploading, querying, transforming or translating data, FME can speed-up the whole process and ensure accurate outcomes every time. With FME Server, you can schedule your workspaces to run whilst you do other things, so everything is ready for when you need it.

  • It saves you money.

By turning your manual tasks into automated workflows, you’re set to increase efficiency with every passing minute. With increased efficiency, comes lower costs – it’s often that simple. Your organisation’s money can often be better spent elsewhere, and FME can help to free-up those funds.

  • It integrates with your applications seamlessly.

Having problems with moving data between different file formats, web services, databases or applications? With an integration gallery and list of supported formats both boasting impressive quantities, FME is a proven solution for those needing to integrate as part of their data processing tasks.

  • It’s always improving.

FME doesn’t stand still. The brilliant technical minds at Safe Software work really hard on product development, listening to feedback from the community while preparing their frequent updates and incremental releases. Each new version brings with it a host of exciting, new capabilities, many of them originating from suggestions of the user community. Download the FME 2019 Beta here.

  • It’s adaptable.

FME has broadened its horizons from its origins in spatial and GIS to now incorporate and work with a vast array of diverse data. With 10,000+ organisations worldwide utilising FME, its strength is in its ability to solve all manner of data problems no matter the customer or circumstance.

  • It’s empowering.

The tool is technically very powerful, with its limits often only being the limits of the users’ imagination. It therefore empowers the user to be able to design fully-customisable workflows, using any combination of FME’s 497 available transformers, in order to manipulate the input data in a whole range of useful ways. You’re always in control with FME.

  • It’s at the centre of a community.

The FME community is a supportive bunch. With so many developers and experts around the world, FME users seeking handy hints or answers are spoiled for choice. The learning and support section of the Safe Software website is a fabulous resource. Users can watch tutorial videos, browse Q&A message boards, or read through supporting technical documents and guides. Technical support is provided by miso, as are a range of carefully-curated training courses to give your skills a boost whenever you feel you need it.

miso, a Platinum Partner with Safe Software, is here for all of your FME needs. Get in-touch today and allow us to do your FME match-making.