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Getting the most out of Local Authority data

By Sam Cliff on February 21, 2019. Categorised in Uncategorized

When data comes together, it can be powerful. Local Authorities sit in a privileged position, at the cross-hairs of multiple data streams from a variety of sources including police, social care and demographics to name a few. Yet so much of our local authority data is siloed within these individual departments, hindering the value it […]


You’re not a GIS Manager – you’re a Data Scientist

By Sam Cliff on February 1, 2019. Categorised in Data Management

It’s time to stop calling yourself a GIS manager and time to call yourself a Data Scientist.  Why?  Because businesses are increasingly bringing Data Scientists into the centre of their businesses to answer their most pressing questions.  GIS managers as a whole are not. So what makes you a Data Scientist? Making sense out of […]


Go Cloud so you can go On-Prem

By Sam Cliff on November 13, 2017. Categorised in Consultancy, Data Management


Cloud is great.  But sometimes you need On-Prem applications because of your environment and where you data lives. What has been interesting recently is the number of customers who have been asking us to use Cloud services to help them choose and procure On-Prem solutions. One of the great things about Cloud is the flexibility […]


Why humans get in the way of ICT…

By Sam Cliff on November 8, 2017. Categorised in Data Management


  Large ICT solutions are exciting to deliver and more glamorous than the day-to-day small fixes. But smaller projects tend to be more reliable and effective, and if set out in series can offer broader and more efficient overall solutions. The reasons lie not in the technology but in the humans that get in the […]


miso awarded Platinum Partner status with Safe!

By Sam Cliff on October 20, 2017. Categorised in Data Management, FME, Software


  An exciting announcement! Following on from our recent award at the Safe VAR Conference, we’re excited to announce that miso have yet again been awarded Platinum Partner status with Safe Software! What does it mean? Simply put, it’s recognition that we’re one of the largest suppliers of FME in the country. We’re a modest […]


Big Data: Biting off what you can chew

By Sam Cliff on October 17, 2017. Categorised in Data Management, FME


  Big Data is a big deal – if you can’t handle it, you won’t harness the value of it. Wherever the data comes from, whether created internally or sourced from third parties, you need to be able use it to see any return on your investment. The key problems with handling Big Data are […]


FME tackles more than spatial data…

By Sam Cliff on . Categorised in Data Quality, FME


  Many organisations use FME to handle their spatial data – but why stop there? It’s capable of handling the trickiest of data management challenges. Here’s how one customer used FME to automate their payment data processes:   The Challenge The Council needed to access payment data generated by third parties, often manually logging into […]


FME Server: 5 Myths Busted

By Sam Cliff on August 8, 2017. Categorised in Data Management, FME

Server Myths Banner

  There’s no escaping the fact that FME Server is an extremely powerful tool, but we’ve noticed that there are a few misconceptions out there that stop organisations from adopting it. We think that’s a real shame, because it is one of the most robust and flexible ways for organisations to tackle their data management […]


Navigating the data quality minefield

By Sam Cliff on July 14, 2017. Categorised in Data Management, Data Quality, FME

Your organisation never stands still, with data continually flowing in and out of your systems at an impressive rate. But there is one issue than most organisations struggle to cope with; controlling the accuracy of data received from third parties. The consumption of poor quality data can cause significant knock-on effects – bad data leads […]