About the app…

AddressBase data is delivered in a single CSV file containing several tables. It’s difficult to use and interpret. It’s frustrating when you have a powerful dataset available to you, but you can’t make the best use of it. If you’re thinking of loading into a database such as Oracle, SQL, or PostGIS, then you’re adding another layer of complexity.

How it works…

This app combines the Delivery Point Address and BLPU tables including X and Y co-ordinates, the tables being simple to join using the UPRN. Output tables can then be outputted in .TAB or .SHP formats for use within GIS software.

The app takes the raw AddressBase data and, once the parameters have all been set, the process will run and output the data into TAB or SHP formats for use within MapInfo Pro or ESRI respectively. No need for expensive digital solutions that require specialist training – get processing your data with little hardship or cost!

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