The FME Enterprise Subscription Model is Here!


We have some exciting news to share!

Subscription models are common in the software market, and this morning, a similar offering for FME has been announced.
The new model won’t replace the availability of perpetual licences, or even Enterprise Licensing Agreements (ELAs) popular among larger users.
Instead, the subscription model gives customers more flexibility in the deployment of the tool.

What is it?

The Enterprise Subscription Model (ESM) charges you a set annual fee, for which you get an increased amount of licences, capped at a specific value limit. This limit is based on your expected usage of FME, declared in the first year.
You’re granted the freedom to increase and alter your licence holding to suit your requirements. If you exceed the licence value limit, you agree to move up to the appropriate price tier the following year. You can even exceed your usage limit in the same year by moving up to the next price tier.

Why Consider the Enterprise Subscription Model (ESM)?

The tiered pricing structure will appeal to many. For example:
Tier Annual subscription price Licence value limit
1 £35,000 £100,000
2 £50,000 £140,000
To review the tiered pricing structure in its entirety, please click here.
The potential cost-savings that this model could offer, are clear. Organisations could save around 35% when compared with purchasing and paying maintenance on FME licences, individually.
The model is perfect for customers who need flexibility and freedom to expand or adjust to fulfill changing needs. The financial value and benefit of customer autonomy is there for all to see, but what about its other advantages?
Unlike the Enterprise Licence Agreement (ELA) model which is based on a 3 year obligation, the ESM is annually reviewed. This means that the best deal for your organisation is calculated at the end of each 12 month term.
Under this model, licences are requested and promptly deployed whenever they’re required. No need to spend precious time and effort procuring extra licences.
The ESM is easier to understand and more transparent, with standard pricing, and pricing tiers explained before sale.


A Look to the Future

One of the main things we admire about Safe is how their software is developed to match the ever-changing needs and budgets of its users. The ESM isn’t the only change to the FME offering that the future holds.
There is also talk of a new population-based pricing model for local government, but we won’t have any news on that until 2019.

We’re Here to Help

If the ESM appeals to your organisation, contact a member of the miso team. We’re happy to help you work-out what offering would serve your organisation best.
We’ve been delivering innovative data management solutions to organisations for over 20 years. FME software is the market-leading data management and integration tool has been a big part of this.
Throughout our time as Safe Software partners, we’ve made a real difference to our clients by delivering consultancy, training, and support. During your FME subscription, we can provide you with these great value-add services to ensure that you’re making the very most out of FME.