Managing your appointment bookings can be overly complicated and frustrating. AppointmentMaker helps you automate your booking system for greater efficiency and improved service.


A lot of appointment and resource bookings are still made manually, which can be a time-consuming and inefficient. AppointmentMaker is a simple online service that automates this process so that your customers can choose and book appointments at a time that suits them, leading to happier customers and happier staff.

We’re not exaggerating when we say AppointmentMaker is flexible. It can be applied to anything from a single use within an organisation, through to a joined-up way spanning several different resources and teams. Here’s a few of the most common applications:

AppointmentMaker Application List

Field team bookings
It’s all well and good introducing a new booking system, but how can you use this to help you manage your field teams? AppointmentMaker uses geospatial data to allocate appointments to team members in the most efficient way possible – a far cry from relying on manual bookings.

AppointmentMaker team duplication

For example, imagine each colour represents a different member of your field team.

High duplication means that you have multiple team members servicing the same area, whereas low duplication means that a single team member covers appointments grouped in a specific area.

It makes sense that if you could avoid unnecessary duplication, you could make some significant efficiency savings.

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How it works

  1. Customer goes online and views your calendar
  2. Appointment booked by the customer
  3. System allocates appointment in the most efficient way, integrating with third-party systems via API