A simple management tool that coordinates transparency data and keeps track of who should be publishing what, and when.


The Local Government Transparency Code requires you to collect and publish data from all across your organisation. This makes coordination the key to compliance.

But do you know what the most common failure of publishing is? You’ve guessed it – coordination. The biggest problem when publishing data is organising it.

This happens because transparency managers can’t ‘see’ who should be publishing what, and when. You need a simple way to make sure that the right people are publishing their data on time.  This is where CompliancyView comes in.

CompliancyView is a simple dashboard that makes tracking your transparency data easy. It takes care of publishing to, gives you a clear overview of what data sets are needed when, and automates the reminders for your colleagues to upload new data.

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How it works:

  1. Your staff upload their data onto misoportal
  2. We sort out all the compliant publishing for you
  3. You glance at the dashboard while it automates reminders to your colleagues.