DataFlow Cloud

All the flexibility you need to manage your data environment.


Many of your data processes are both repetitive and time consuming. DataFlow takes your data workflows and automates them saving you time and cost. DataFlow mirrors your processes by translating them into algorithms that sit within DataFlow Modules. You then choose which module to activate as you use the DataFlow dashboard.

Some of your data processes are generic and shared with other customers, some processes are specific to your needs. DataFlow accommodates these different needs by providing you with varied automation modules; some widely used and some custom built. This provides you with all the flexibility you need to manage your data environment.

Many customers take advantage of this technology as an installed application but it can be even more useful as a cloud offering – this is DataFlow Cloud.

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How it works:

Choose it – You select which Module you want to run
Load it – You upload your data
Download it – You download the output of a fully automated process

To use DataFlow Cloud all you need to do is:

  1. Log onto your Miso DataFlow Cloud account
  2. Select which Module you wish to use
  3. Load your data and let the Module automate your data process
  4. Download your processed data