A library of data automation Apps to speed up your data management processes – simply choose the Apps that work for you.


High-volume, high frequency data management problems come hand-in-hand with high-cost solutions. But how do you manage low-volume, low frequency problems? They’re too troublesome to ignore, so you’re left with the task of managing them manually.

Performing these repetitive processes, such as de-duplication or address checking, can be frustrating… That’s why we developed DataFlow. It automates these processes giving you a library of Apps that can be browsed and downloaded through the Store in a similar way to the apps on your smartphone. The free DataFlow Player runs the apps and you can be to be up and running in minutes.

App Generation
The Player works with Apps created by you, us, and the community meaning you have a growing number of solutions to choose from.

You can also share your technical skill by creating and sharing your own Apps internally, regionally or publicly. Need to run processes for others? Create Apps that allow them to manage these independently – they can benefit from your capability without having to come to your desk.

By using DataFlow, you’ll be part of the community that’s shaping the future of the data processing world. Your input will influence the solutions we offer and you’ll be able to share your questions and challenges with a great bunch of like-minded people through our forums. What could be better?

How it works

  • Browse the Apps in the DataFlow Store
  • Download the App
  • Launch the App in the DataFlow Player
  • Process your data

The Lounge

Every good community needs a meeting place, and ours is no different. The Lounge is home to our forum and resource centre, making it a fantastic support service for you.

Our forum is the perfect place for you to share your technical questions, problems and ideas with a great network of members. It’s a unique opportunity to share your experience and knowledge with others, and benefit from their innovative ideas in return. You can even develop your own data processing Apps and share them through the DataFlow Store.

You’ll also have access to our resource library, packed full of helpful videos, webinars and free workspaces. We’ll keep updating this with new resources, and if you come up with something that you think would be useful for everybody, let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

We think that this is the future of data processing, and are getting really excited about the idea of a community coming together to help make each other’s lives that little bit easier. But most important of all, we want The Lounge to be community-driven. By getting involved, you’ll have a hands-on role in shaping the community and helping it become the best possible support network for each other. Take a look at The Lounge here.

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