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Convert your AddressBase data into the format that suits you best in a matter of minutes.


AddressBase Premium does away with the long-winded process of getting your AddressBase data into a useable format. Whereas AddressBase and AddressBase Plus only contain a single table, AddressBase Premium is split into several tables within the same CSV file. Simply upload your raw AddressBase data, choose the best format for you and away you go – your data will be saved and ready to use in minutes. As easy as 1…2…3!

Our AddressBase Premium translator combines the Delivery Point Address and BLPU tables, which includes the x,y coordinates, making the data easier to manage and use. The additional AddressBase Premium tables include:

  • Classification
  • LPI
  • Organisation
  • Application Cross Reference
  • Street
  • Street Descriptor
  • Successor Record

The translator makes each table simple to load and simple to join using the UPRN. The resulting tables can then be outputted as either TAB or SHP for greatly improved data usability.

Store your data on a database? No problem, you’re also able to upgrade our AddressBase Premium Optimiser to include the ability to store on an Oracle, SQL or Postgres database. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

How it works

  • Launch the App in the DataFlow Player
  • Upload your AddressBase Premium data
  • Process your data
  • Output the optimised files

DataFlow ABPOptimiser V2.12.1

- Improvements to the BLPU extraction process

Download the full release notes here.

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