AddressMatcher Lite


Validate your dataset by matching it against a master addressing dataset such as your LLPG.


In an ideal world, all of your datasets would be synced to a master addressing dataset such as your LLPG. In reality, different datasets are often created for different projects, and managed by different teams. The inconsistencies this causes can have a pretty significant impact on the quality of service you provide to your customers. The problem is, checking for these inconsistencies can be a time-consuming and tedious task.

With our AddressMatcher Lite, you can check any dataset against a master addressing dataset (such as your LLPG, historical LLPG, AddressBase etc) in a matter of minutes. Simply set up your master CSV file, configure the CSV you want to check and kick off the process!

Once the app has finished processing, you’ll receive two CSV reports:

  1. Matched Report: the records that were successfully matched, including details of the master record each matches
  2. Quality Report: the records that were rejected and/or not matched along with the failure type

This means that you’ll know exactly which records need your attention straightaway, making it much quicker and easier to get your different datasets in sync.

How it works

  • Launch the App in the DataFlow Player
  • Setup your datasets
  • Process your data
  • View your reports
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