VML Optimiser


Extract your VectorMap Local data and create a stylised MapInfo output.


OS VectorMap Local is a detailed vector GML dataset that covers the whole of Great Britain in 5km by 5km tiles.The dataset is packed full of detailed attributes like roads, railways and boundaries, but receiving it as GML means these attributes are pretty difficult to access. And once you’ve managed to extract them, you’re left with vector layers that need styling, which can be a laborious process – especially if you’re looking to create a set of standardised maps.

Our VML Optimiser extracts the attribute data from the raw VectorMap Local GML file, and styles it to match the current in-house OS style which gives you consistency across both MasterMap Topo and the standard VectorMap Local raster.

All you need to do to prepare your accessible MapInfo dataset is upload your raw GML file and hit the start button!

How it works

  • Launch the App in the DataFlow Player
  • Upload your VectorMap Local GML
  • Process your data
  • Output the optimised files
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