The October 2015 deadline for INSPIRE Phase 2 is fast approaching, but with such complex and confusing specifications to follow, where do you begin?


Phase 2 requires you to take your INSPIRE data and transform it into a standardised format using the INSPIRE schema. The schema is large and complicated as it was created to cover all possible eventualities, making the transformation of your data potentially complex and time consuming.

We want to help make complying with INSPIRE Phase 2 as simple as possible, which is why we’ve brought together the tools and support you’ll need to get started. Our solution includes:

  • A licence for FME – the leading data transformation software
  • Training in FME by our certified FME training professionals
  • FME workspace template for INSPIRE Phase 2, providing the core of the data transformation process
  • Regional workshops with other GIS managers – designed to get your data working with the template

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