When you need a map and only a map, MapMaker selects, cuts and produces one for you.


You just want a map. One single map. Now you can get it without all the usual software, time and effort.

Sometimes you just need a view of an area, perhaps for a report or an assessment. You don’t need all the additional capabilities of modern GIS – you just need to see the data. MapMaker takes Ordnance Survey’s (OS) most detailed mapping data, OS MasterMap, and makes it available to you via a simple intuitive interface. You choose the address then MapMaker gets the map, wraps it up as a .pdf and makes it available for you to download.

Using the power of our portal, maps can be readily available for you or your team. No-one needs training; it’s just click and go. And, to make life even easier, you just pay as you go. No renewal costs, no contract, just awesome maps whenever you want them.

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How it works

  1. You select your postcode.
  2. You rotate the map so it works for you.
  3. You download the map as a .pdf.