Simply fast, Simply flexible, Simply mobile - mobile data collection made easy.


We believe collecting data doesn’t have to mean long contracts, procurement processes and complicated IT set ups. In 24 hours* your team can be out in the field collecting data – while back in the office you’re able to download all their results whenever you need them. And the best bit? It’s just £25 per team member per month.

Need it for a short 1 month project? Only have a small team? Don’t want to deal with any software or infrastructure? Not a problem. SimplyMobile gives you the flexibility to do valuable data collection projects without all the hassle. All you have to do is tell us all about your project, your team then download the app and away you go.

We do all the complex set up of users and forms so you don’t have to – just log on to the dashboard in any web browser to check your projects progress & get your collected data. Simple.

App compatible with iOS or Android based mobile devices.

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How it works:

  1. We help you set up your project
  2. Your team goes out to collect data
  3. You download your results


*Please note 24 hours = 1 business day


  1. Can I use it even if there is no Wi-Fi or mobile signal?
    Absolutely! SimplyMobile can cache up to 500 records whilst you’re offline and will upload them automatically as soon as you’re back in range.
  2. What happens to the data when it has been collected?
    Data will be held on our secure Amazon server until it is made available to you to download. As soon as you have it safe and sound, we will remove it from our server.
  3. What background mapping is used?
    Google maps base mapping is used. And no need to worry as your data layer is maintained separately – making sure you adhere to PSMA rules.
  4. Can I use the data to generate reports in other applications?
    Of course! As soon as you have your data, you are free to do whatever you wish with it. We will even convert it to a non-standard format before we make it available if you need it.
  5. How accurate is SimplyMobile?
    SimplyMobile will be as accurate as the mobile device’s location accuracy that you are using. You will be able to manually correct a point’s location should you wish.
  6. How will I receive my data and how often will I see it?
    Your data will be provided to you in one, simple CSV file which will be provided to you at the end of each working day. You can specify a bespoke interval if you wish for an additional fee.
  7. Can I upload existing files and update them in SimplyMobile?
    Yes, SimplyMobile allows you to open and update files, even re-site them if you wish to.
  8. Do I have to buy a long term subscription?
    No, we’ve made the SimplyMobile price structure really flexible – it’s just £25 per user, per month and our minimum term is only 1 month.
  9. How long will my data be stored for after the project?
    Data will be held for 14 days, but as soon as we have confirmation from you that you have your data we’ll delete it from our server.