MapInfo Pro

We think MapInfo Pro is the best Desktop application around. We’ve worked with it for so long that we’re now the UK’s leading Premier Partner.


MapInfo Pro is a powerful Microsoft Windows-based mapping and geographic analysis application. It allows users to answer such questions as:

  • Where are my customers or patients?
  • Where are my services located?
  • Where are the competitors’ stores compared to my stores?
  • How much revenue did each sales territory bring in last year?

The user simply imports their own data, complete with a postcode or other geographic attribute, into MapInfo Pro. The software overlays this data onto maps, bringing the data to life. These maps can then be exported and shared with colleagues and decision makers.

A range of add-ons are available for users wishing to extend functionality, such as analyse crime data and develop routing.

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How it works

  1. You load your data from multiple source types
  2. You run your analysis and interrogate
  3. You publish your answer in multiple formats to multiple recipients

Hungry for more?

MapInfo Pro can be supplemented with a range of add-ons, which enable advanced functionality. These include:

  • Routefinder an extension that allows you to work with road network data to plan resources and manage services efficiently.
  • Crime Profiler for fast, accurate analysis of crime data
  • Vertical Mapper to bring data into 3D
  • EasyPlot for simplified printing using customised print templates
  • PrintWiz for batch printing of maps for territory based planning
  • Address-Point Gazetteer and Geocoder for address matching and address cleansing

You can find out more detail about MapInfo on the Pitney Bowes website.