Can you get more out of your services? Understand the potential with RouteFinder Professional for Mapinfo.


RouteFinder is an extension to MapInfo Professional that allows you to work with road network data to plan resources and manage services efficiently. It enables a wide range of organisations from retail to emergency services to answer key questions around catchment areas and routing.

Are there gaps in my service coverage?
RouteFinder’s Drive Time analysis tools help you understand catchments in detail – for example how many people fall within your service areas using time or distance. It highlights issues such as accessibility to services and assets.

Where are the best places to locate my resources?
RouteFinder provides a valuable evidence base to support key decisions about the optimum location of assets and resources. Projects like estates rationalisation and territory assignment for field teams are made much easier.

Make your network even more accurate by applying your own GPS speeds
Use RouteFinder’s new feature to assign collected GPS speeds to individual road links. This enables greater tailoring of the network based on time of day, type of vehicle or particular situation – for example, emergency vehicles.

How it works

1. Load it into your MapInfo
2. Create your road networks
3. Start analysing