Loyal company and loyal customers

Working with data today is much more complex than it used to be – it’s much more unpredictable. You, your data, and the servers you rely on are no longer in the same predictable fixed locations. You’re no longer doing predictable fixed work either.  It’s a much more fluid and flexible world.

In order to respond to this brave new world, the Safe Software team have evolved their products. You can discover more about this in Ben Allan’s (Managing Director of miso) latest blog “Flexibility unleashed: FME’s answer to an unpredictable world” where he explores how FME 2023 now gives you the flexibility you need. The following is taken from that article.

Despite this evolution, Safe Software have not forgotten about their loyal customer base.

They’re Canadian…

Safe is a super loyal company, its still run by the founders, and they’re Canadian.  So obviously they are focussed on looking after their loyal customers and they have decided on three really supportive measures.


1. Maintaining maintenance

The maintenance costs for current customers have not increased, even though FME Form is more expensive than the previous FME Desktop Professional versions. So, if you were paying £2,000 a year in maintenance last year, you’ll be paying £2,000 a year next year.

2. Upgrades

All desktop tools will be upgraded to FME Form at no additional cost.  So, if you were using the most restricted version of FME, congratulations you now have a licence to the most powerful version, at no additional cost

3. Subscription

In the past it may have made sense to buy the licences separately but now Safe have introduced some remarkable offers that make subscription so sensible that buying licences individually will start to become a special case


A brave new data world

The world has changed.  It’s far more unpredictable, far more fluid and far more challenging.  If you want to discover more about how FME can help your business data challenges get in touch.