In the ever-changing net zero landscape, it’s getting more and more difficult to decern facts from opinion. That’s why we’ve partner with Field Dynamics, the UK’s leading net-zero data analytics consultancy, to provide you with straightforward and credible datasets, which allow you to make robust data-led decisions.

Who are Field Dynamics?

Field Dynamics help organisations make the most efficient move to net zero. They use advanced data science, spatial analysis, and bespoke modelling solutions to help businesses make a direct and measurable impact to their operations and the environment.

They’ve worked with both the public and private sector with a focus on electric vehicles, heat, energy generation and land use. Working with leading consultancies, government departments, over 100 local authorities, and key players in the energy sector positions Field Dynamics as a significant contributor to the drive for sustainability.

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Field Dynamics Tools and Datasets


GigaMap, created by Field Dynamics, is a dataset that identifies the exact kWh energy demand of electric vehicles at LSOA level. This means you can pinpoint high and low demand areas within your local authority to plan your energy strategies accordingly. With this precise energy demand data, you can identify the charging assets you need to put in place in order to meet local EV charging demand.

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EV Map

EV Map, created by Field Dynamics, identifies households that don’t have the space to park and charge a vehicle on the property and safely reach a road. These are the households that need to use some public charging provision to realistically own an EV.

Field Dynamics measured over 27 million properties, down to the nearest cm2, to work out if you could park a vehicle on it. The analysis combined Ordnance Survey mapping with Field Dynamic’s advanced algorithm, to accurately measure the space surrounding every residential property in Great Britain.

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CatchmentModeller is an easy-to-use online tool that helps you understand where the demand for public charging will be, lets you experiment with the best EV charger locations to meet that demand, and gives you data-led evidence for infrastructure development and funding applications.

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