The Legals

Legally, we have to make all of this stuff available. If you'd like to read it, we suggest making a nice cup of coffee to keep you awake.


      DataOptimiser Terms and Conditions – Updated May 2018

      DataPublisher Terms and Conditions – Updated May 2018

      MapMaker Terms and Conditions – Updated May 2018

      Accelerated Insight Platform Terms and Conditions – Updated May 2018

      Professional Services Agreement – Updated May 2018


       Privacy Policy – Updated May 2018

       Information Security – Updated May 2018


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Ownership of other trademarks is acknowledged. Any omission of acknowledgement is inadvertent and will be corrected when a trademark owner draws it to the attention of miso and Dotted Eyes Limited.

Some components of Dotted Eyes/miso software make use of Free and/or Open Source software (FOSS). Product: InterpOSe; FOSS: GEOS (Geometry Engine Open Source) Library; URL; License: LGPL; License Version: 2.1; View Licence

Some components of Dotted Eyes/miso data make use of Free and/or Open Source Data under the Open Government Licence (OGL). Product: DoctorMap; Point data: GPs, dentists, Boundaries: CCG; License: OGL License Version: 1.0; View Licence

miso and Dotted Eyes Limited are registered under the Data Protection Act.  miso and Dotted Eyes will not sell, rent or lease personally identifiable information to others, unless it has permission, or is required to do so by law.

The miso website has been designed to allow users to access the majority of pages without the need to register and log in. Should a visitor choose to register and login, for example to access downloads, their details will be held on miso systems and used to support a relationship with that visitor.

miso has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of information under our control. For example, on the web site, user specific information is used to authenticate the identity of users who are logging into password-protected areas of this site.The miso databases of users and customers can only be accessed by authorised permanent and temporary staff and web site contractors.

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