FME Training

Let our experts and professional training help you discover the potential of FME. Unlock the powerful features of FME technology to manage your data translation and transformation challenges more effectively.

This course provides an Introduction to FME Desktop intended for new users of FME or users who wish to refresh their skills. There are no prerequisites for this course except the knowledge of GIS principles.

Learning objectives:

  • Build both simple and complex translations using FME Workbench
  • Visualize and inspect data using the FME Data Inspector
  • Apply best practices to large workspaces
  • Manipulate data geometry and attributes with transformers
  • Work with multiple datasets in a single workspace
  • Create low-maintenance, reusable workspaces
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This course provides the next step on your journey with FME Desktop, expanding on some of the core principles of FME Workbench. This course is intended for existing users who wish to expand on their existing knowledge of data manipulation and automated data workflows.  It is important that delegates who attend this course have a firm grounding in the use of FME Desktop, specifically FME Workbench.

Learning objectives:

  • Make use of user parameters and their more advanced techniques
  • Analyze and deconstruct an FME log file
  • Understand potential methods for improving FME performance
  • Create, edit and re-use a custom transformer
  • Incorporate advanced methods for reading and writing datasets (dynamic workspaces, fanouts etc)
  • Construct attributes with the text and arithmetic editors
  • Understand when and how to apply conditional attribute values
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Join our course and learn to unlock the powerful features of the FME Server technology to manage your data translation and transformation challenged more effectively. This course provides an introductory overview of FME Server intended for users who wish to understand how to leverage the power of FME Server within their organisation for data download, distribution, streaming and bulk processing jobs as well as much more. Through the use of hands-on exercises, learn the advanced skills, knowledge and terminology that users need to know in order to produce workspaces optimized for FME Server.

Learning objectives:
  • Familiarization with the FME Server web user interface and it’s functionality
  • Running workspaces on FME Server
  • Using FME Server’s Self-Serve services and related functionality in FME Workbench
  • Creating and using Notification Services (topics, publications and subscriptions)
  • Using workspaces to process incoming and outgoing notification messages
  • Creating workspaces to handle message streams
  • Troubleshooting for administrators
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