Data made more accessible
New insights gained
ROI secured on dataset

The Challenge

The Dioceses of Portsmouth and Winchester wanted to use their Experian demographic data to enhance their understanding of the people living in their parishes.

The data was supplied as a complex Excel document which the Dioceses were finding difficult to get much value from. They needed a solution that would display the full detail of the data in a simple way, so non-technical and untrained staff could benefit by using it.

The Solution

The Miso-created solution comprised a series of thematic maps presented on a Tableau dashboard. With the Experian data as its source, users are now able to view and interact with the data in a way that simply wasn’t possible before. Coloured polygons represent each of the 15 Experian mosaic types at a postcode level, meaning the high degree of detail is maintained.

A workshop was delivered to hand-over the dashboards to key stakeholders, enabling them to demonstrate the data both to their own parishes and other Diocese. Staff across the Dioceses of Portsmouth and Winchester can now easily get insight into the make-up of their parishes’ populations. Feedback on the solution has been hugely positive with people impressed at the ease of use and level of detail available.