Trouble-free data transformation

When your projects need data, a lot of the time what is stored in your legacy systems just isn’t good enough.

It could be an issue with the way that the data is formatted or structured, the quality of the data contained within your databases or the fact that this data needs enriching with other sources before it can give you can value.

Transformations can be delivered as one-off desktop projects using manual tools, but they fall prey the usual manual data management challenges of accuracy, speed and cost.  These challenges are only magnified when the data transformation needs to be repeated.


That’s where we come in…


We help by building out an automated transformation process that your team can see, understand and adjust.  It takes your requirements and builds them into a robust workflow using FME technology. The technology can sit on desktop, on server racks or in the Cloud.

Need to enrich your data? We can source and optimise 3rd party data so that your project has just what it needs when it needs it.

Finally, we take all of our understanding from the project and deliver this knowledge to your team through interactive workshops – leaving them able to replicate these capabilities in future projects.

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