The Licensed Partner network as a whole contains more than 1,680 Partners across a wide range of markets each of which use Ordnance Survey’s data to provide a wide range of solutions – from large-scale planning application maps to software for GIS mapping tools. OS is Britain’s mapping agency. As well as making the most up-to-date and accurate maps of the country, it is also a digital business. Together with its Partners it provides content helping governments, companies and individuals to be more effective both here and around the world.

Mapping data you can trust

The data, mapping and insight products produced by Ordnance Survey give you the most accurate UK geographic information available. They grant users the ability to locate, define, route, plan, plot, and inspect maps with confidence.

We’ve provided these products as standalone downloads and as part of wider consultancy projects. These clients span a range of industries including Local Government, Emergency Services, Transport Authorities and Energy Suppliers.

If you’re interested in seeing how OS products can help your organisation, get in touch!

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