Hybrid hosting made simple

Cloud computing is a great way of reducing operating costs and keeping the infrastructure on-prem running at its best. However the journey to getting your systems up there can take years to complete, if you complete it at all. The key challenge facing businesses moving to the cloud is hybrid hosting – when data needs to be in two places at the same time as it replicates between cloud and on-prem systems.

When you get to the point when you’re moving applications the complexity can be extremely difficult to manage, especially when using multiple sets of tools are involved.


That’s where we come in…

We help by providing you with a single, flexible multi-modal solution that’s as comfortable in the cloud as it is on-prem.  This one-stop solution can be used time and again to deliver seamless migrations, acting as a middle man to support applications that aren’t quite ready to make the move.

Most importantly, we understand that moving to the cloud isn’t easy. We expect that your needs will twist and change, which is why we build our solutions to change with you and not penalise you for every change you make.

The underlying technology we use, FME, is object driven and so it’s perfectly designed for your teams to learn and adopt.  Our service packages complement these characteristics by being flexibly structured to support you from beginners to subject experts.

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