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Your business is changing continuously and the call for different data streams is accelerating day by day. Data is needed faster, more accurately and in more formats than ever before… so how are your teams expected to deliver it? Manual batch processing is fraught with issues from reliability to accuracy and cost. You need a technology solution.

Traditional data management platforms could take some of the pain out of these requests, but costs are high and delivery is slow – especially if you have to rely on internal teams running multiple projects.

You could also try and code a solution, it’s fast and low cost, but then as soon as your developer leaves you’re exposed.


That’s where we come in…


We provide a sophisticated, flexible data automation tool with a drag and drop interface that doesn’t require specialist skills to use.  This allows your team to adapt and deliver to new requirements as quickly as the requests come in.

Solutions can be up and running in a matter of minutes and the object-based interface means that everyone in your team can understand what the solution is delivering and how it works.  This de-risks the capability while also enabling rapid cross-training.

Change detection, scheduling, prioritisation and power flexing are all possible, providing you with a wide range of tools to address the latest request.

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