3 weeks saved per year
No more manual processing
Better quality data

The Challenge

Halton Borough Council needed to find a more effective way to validate planning applications submitted to its planning administrative team.

The work conducted by the team dealing with planning applications was mostly completed manually. The validation of each application was time-consuming and this slowed the decision-making process, leading to a backlog of work and poor customer satisfaction.

FME logo on the screen of a laptop

The Solution

The Miso team used FME to fully automate the validation of documents involved in the planning application process. The FME workspace was able to identify documents missing from the application, and alert staff to this. Beyond this, it ensured that polygons were drawn and fed-into the Council’s system correctly, before verifying the constraints checking process.

The solution has allowed the planning applications administrative team to arrive at decisions quicker, with the application process now more efficient.

Halton Borough Council save 3 weeks per year by automating their planning application process.

FME® automates data manipulation and transformation

Data rarely arrives in your environment in a state that’s ready to use. The repetitive tasks required to get it into a usable form are laborious and costly. FME® automates these data manipulation and transformation tasks, leaving you to work much more efficiently with your newly optimised data set.

Here’s the problem; you have lots of data from lots of different internal and external sources, but managing it all can be difficult. You’re faced with a unique set of challenges that have a large impact on the way you work:

  • Driving value for your organisation by making the most of your business intelligence.
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