Ordnance Survey map data is provided in formats that can be difficult to use and interact with. How are you supposed to get the most value out of these powerful datasets when they’re so complicated?

Don’t waste time processing your data and troubleshooting problems during processing. Instead, get the most from OS MasterMap®  (OSMM) by downloading optimised, styled and translated OSMM and OS VectorMap Local datasets prepared specifically for you, by us.

Our market-leading styling makes the data more intuitive and easier to use and analyse. Once prepared, your data is uploaded, you get an email confirmation, and you can download it when you need to from the secure miso portal.

Your data as you need it, when you need it, without all of the effort or costs.

"DataOptimiser supports the work of the South West Fire Partnership in fire control centre environments by delivering OS datasets ready to deploy and use within our 3 control rooms."

Stuart King - ABR Vision Lead & Fire Control Systems DC, Networked Fire Services Partnership (NFSP)

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