FME Form gives you up to £3,700 in added value.

All editions of FME Desktop have been consolidated into a comprehensive package called FME Form. If you have an FME Desktop license and pay maintenance, you’ll get an automatic upgrade to FME Form.

This is really exciting, especially if you’re a FME Desktop Professional user, because you’ll get all the functionality of FME Desktop Smallworld Edition (which was priced around £5,400 for the first license) for the cost of your current maintenance.

So, if you do have FME Desktop Professional, what can you now do with FME Flow?

Do more with your databases

With FME Form, you have more tools tailored to working with databases. These include support for a wide variety of formats (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL), tools for database schema mapping, and the ability to write to and extract data from multiple databases.

Additional ESRI support

With FME Desktop Esri Edition now wrapped up in FME Form, you now have access to specialised readers, transformers, and writers. If you’re using Esri’s ArcGIS software, you’ll get your hands on tools for publishing data to ArcGIS Online, support for their geodatabase schemas, and tools for creating and updating ArcGIS feature classes.

It’s a Smallworld after all

FME Form has all the functionality of FME Desktop Smallworld. If you use GE Smallworld GIS software, you’ll get enhanced support for Smallworld database connections and the ability to work with Smallworld data models.


Of course, FME Form can do all the things that FME Desktop Professional could do. You still have a broad range of data integration and transformation tools with a few more features added in too.

If you want to know more about the added capabilities of FME Form, then get in touch with the miso team.