Data rarely arrives in your environment in a state that's ready to use. The repetitive tasks required to get it into a usable form are laborious and costly. FME® automates these data manipulation and transformation tasks, leaving you to work much more efficiently with your newly optimised data set.


Here’s the problem; you have lots of data from lots of different internal and external sources, but managing it all can be difficult. You’re faced with a unique set of challenges that have a large impact on the way you work:

  • Driving value for your organisation by making the most of your business intelligence
  • Managing the complex combination of data sources, formats and destinations
  • Dealing with evolving data, resources and requirements

So how do you make sure that the right people receive accurate data in the way that offers them and the organisation the most value? That’s where FME comes in, it can help you with:

  • Self-service data
  • Managing data
  • Building intelligence into data

There are a few different ways you can access FME. If you’re only looking to manage a few processes on an infrequent basis, then FME Desktop is the best tool for you. But if you’re looking to perform lots of processes across your organisation, then FME Server is the best way to take advantage of the huge possibilities of the software.

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How it works

  1. You define your process as a workflow
  2. You set it off
  3. You ignore it as it does it’s magic