3 Reasons Why Father Christmas Would Be An FME User

With Christmas around the corner, Santa Claus is gearing up for an impressive night of delivering millions of presents across the globe. With so much address, operational, and geospatial data to process, it’s obvious that Father Christmas would be a huge FME user.

Map Integration

Santa needs to make sure he’s got access to the most up to date mapping information to make sure he’s planning the most efficient route possible – he’s only got a night to deliver all his gifts. With regional maps saved in various formats, Santa needs a reliable spatial ETL tool to effectively use all the information he has. FME supports loads of GIS formats from satellite imagery to point clouds and applications ranging from Cityworks to ArcGIS.

Data Validation

The North Pole deals with millions of letters from children each year and, while the elves take care in processing the information accurately, sometimes errors creep into the system. There may be consistency issues (in an address do you write ‘Street’ or ‘St’) or format issues (data might be structured differently between different applications) or accuracy issues (an address might have the wrong postcode and a correct one needs to be cross referenced). Santa would use validation workflows in FME to make sure that all this information was accurate.

Legacy Systems

Saint Nicholas was born in 280 CE, so his workshop has been in operation for about 1700 years. While Santa and the elves have been modernising their systems, there are still some older databases that are integral to their operations. These aren’t easy to replace so Father Christmas would use FME to bridge the gap between these. A great example would be Schema mapping where your modern system needs data to be stored in only two fields: Full Name and Address. FME can take the original fields and transform it to fit the standard and work with that system.

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Father Christmas’ role is high pressure so he needs a system that he can rely on. With FME, he’d have the platform he needs to make sure he’s got the right data in the format he can use.

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