+400 errors corrected
Accuracy increased
UX improved

The Challenge

Arun District Council wanted to improve the quality of their planning application records.

The Solution

Once planning applications are manually inputted, the team use FME to do a nightly check for errors.

The workspace looks at missing polygons, duplicate polygons, invalid geometry, officer codes, and date.

Invalid geometries are automatically fixed (i.e. bow-ties) and sent back, with a list of any other errors, to the Officer who originally entered the application for checking.

The Benefits

Around 400 errors have been detected since launch.

This has improved accuracy and, as records are better, improved customer experience.

"We love FME because of its no code approach, its speed and reliability, its versatility with data types and, above all, it's ease to use."

Josh Street

Want to know how to build this workspace?

We get it – time is tight, and while you know there’s a whole lot more you could do with FME, having the space to explore that capability is tough.

That’s why we’re hosting a series of hands-on in-person events across the UK designed to quickly ramp up what you can do, connect you with other local FME experts, and give you this workspace ready-to-use.

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