10 mins to gather data
3 days to create outputs
15 days to deliver solution

The Challenge

When roads are built or updated, geographic information relating to road assets has to be handed over to Highways England, to be added to a central database. Due to the size of carriageways, information is uploaded in “chart segments”.


Costain needed to generate x and y coordinates of assets, as well as the distance of an asset from the start of a chart section (chainage). To ensure accuracy, data is gathered from CAD drawings. From the drawings, users would select each individual asset, copying and pasting it into an excel spreadsheet.


FME logo on the screen of a laptop

The Solution

Without an automated solution, the process was done manually and took two full-time members of staff 30 weeks to complete. Costain were looking to reduce human interaction on these processes to improve constancy and speed.

Utilising our experience with FME, miso’s consultants created a workspace that was capable of handling the geometries of both linear and point assets.

Considering the number of factors at play in this solution, miso were able to deliver in just 15 days.

Costain save time and money in asset management with innovative FME-based solution.

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