20 days saved per year
Data standard ensured
Staff time freed-up

The Challenge

London Borough of Hackney Council needed a solution to automate the loading of data feeds from organisations such as Transport for London (TfL) and the NHS, into its own Oracle database.

Due to the multiple sources of data that the Council were compiling, it was inconsistent in both format and quality. Manually loading the separate data feeds into their database took time and effort from Council employees.

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The Solution

The Miso team used FME to create an API link to the Council’s Oracle database for other organisations to connect to. FME workspaces were also developed and delivered to the council which automatically transformed the data feeds into the Council’s standards before uploading them into the database.

The solution saved time and resource for the Council, and also ensured that the Council could more easily work with the data that it sourced from third parties.

Hackney Council automate their data feeds with an API using FME.

FME® automates data manipulation and transformation

Data rarely arrives in your environment in a state that’s ready to use. The repetitive tasks required to get it into a usable form are laborious and costly. FME® automates these data manipulation and transformation tasks, leaving you to work much more efficiently with your newly optimised data set.

Here’s the problem; you have lots of data from lots of different internal and external sources, but managing it all can be difficult. You’re faced with a unique set of challenges that have a large impact on the way you work:

  • Driving value for your organisation by making the most of your business intelligence.
  • Managing the complex combination of data sources, formats and destinations.
  • Dealing with evolving data, resources and requirements.