10-15 minutes Saved on each update
500,000 Records processed in 2 minutes
Data Quality improved

The Challenge

Local Authorities need to maintain and update Local Land Charges (LLCs) held by HM Land Registry.

Halton Borough Council wanted to automate the updating and creation of these time consuming LLC updates.

The Solution


The team used FME to read 500,000 records nightly (from Oracle spatial and non-spatial, SQL spatial and non-spatial, CSV, TAB and XLS).

These were then validated and combined into 30,000 LLCs, which were transformed into GEOJSON and JSON file for upload to HMLR.

Updated or new records were then automatically sent to HMLR through their API.

The Benefits

Half a million records are processed in less than 2 minutes.

The alternative would be manually inputting LLCs through HMLR’s website, which saves the planning team 5-10 minutes per update.

"FME is one of the most powerful data manipulation programs I’ve ever used. What's great about it is that it goes far beyond spatial information into the non-spatial world too."

Adrian Farrell - GIS Manager, Halton Borough Council

Want to know how to build this workspace?

We get it – time is tight, and while you know there’s a whole lot more you could do with FME, having the space to explore that capability is tough.

That’s why we’re hosting a series of hands-on in-person events across the UK designed to quickly ramp up what you can do, connect you with other local FME experts, and give you this workspace ready-to-use.

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