6 days saved
UX improved
Open data

The Challenge

Herefordshire Council was legally required to have a public register of HMOs. Property and licensee data was held across multiple systems that needed to be combined and transformed to work on their website.

The Solution

Herefordshire automated an FME workspace to extract data from Civica and SQL databases each day. FME joined 30 tables into a single layer, which was loaded into a database for an interactive map on their website.

The Results

This self-serve data improved service user satisfaction. It also saved the council 6 days’ worth of Officer time per year.

Want to know how to build this workspace?

We get it – time is tight, and while you know there’s a whole lot more you could do with FME, having the space to explore that capability is tough.

That’s why we’re hosting a series of hands-on in-person events across the UK designed to quickly ramp up what you can do, connect you with other local FME experts, and give you this workspace ready-to-use.

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