£10,000 saved
2 days saved
Evaluated efficiency

The Challenge

Winchester City Council wanted to validate third-party maintenance contractor billing.

However, the data was often complex, inconsistent, and not linked to data held in GIS which made it difficult to analyse.

The Solution

Winchester used FME to collate Excel workbooks and 20+ .shp files to create a new bill based on maintenance values.

It was linked to the total area of each maintenance type to make the audit process more structured and improve distribution of costs to the relevant council departments.

Winchester could then compare billed services to the actual work delivered by third-party contractors.

The Benefits

This validation process has resulted in £10,000 in cost savings and saved 2 days per year in Officer time.

It found missing inventory, detected overcharging, and evaluated contractor efficiency.

Want to know how to build this workspace?

We get it – time is tight, and while you know there’s a whole lot more you could do with FME, having the space to explore that capability is tough.

That’s why we’re hosting a series of hands-on in-person events across the UK designed to quickly ramp up what you can do, connect you with other local FME experts, and give you this workspace ready-to-use.

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