Common Issues with Receiving INSPIRE WFS Feeds

There are a few factors beyond our control that may affect how you receive INSPIRE WFS feeds. Through working with our INSPIRE community we have collected together a list of the most common issues.

1.   Ensure your organisation IT policy does not block access to WFS feeds


2.   WFS 2.0.0 Compliance

The GIS program you chose to view the WFS with must be OGC Web Feature Service 2.0.0 compliant.
The INSPIRE Technical Guidance requires us to publish the WFS according to ISO 19142 specification (OGC 2.0).
If your GIS client is not already WFS 2.0.0 compliant, we can provide an alternative feed in an older version 1.0. Please get in touch on 0121 232 8000 or info@misoportal.comto find out more.

3.   MapInfo users

Unfortunately, MapInfo currently doesn’t support OGC WFS 2.0 and cannot fully support this service. But, here is one workaround reported to have solved the problem…
Opening WFS v2.0 links in MapInfo
  1. Within MapInfo use the menu command File > Open Web Service > Open WFS.
  1. The Server URL address is the link in the column called ‘WFS‘.
  1. Click the ‘Prefer Version 1.0’ option for Version Negotiation (as below).
  1. Click “OK”.
  1. Continue to open the WFS as normal. Select the required WFS Layer, choose object styling, set the location for the TAB output, and then click “OK”.
The dataset can then be viewed in both Mapper and Browser windows. If this doesn’t solve the problem let us know and we do what we can to help.

screenshot of popup window in mapInfo Pro displaying WFS server information

4. ESRI users

To view the attribute data when using a WFS link, end-users will need the ESRI Interoperability Suite.
If you are still having issues or  have any questions about INSPIRE for us – get in touch on 0121 232 8000 or email us at