DataFlow: The Future of Data Management

Press release

Miso are pleased to announce the launch of the next phase of DataFlow, their innovative community-led solution. Initially launched as a replacement for their iconic InterpOSe software, the reality is far more exciting than that Not only does miso want a way for their customers to automate OSMM processes, but they also want them to be able to automate a huge range of other data tasks too.

How do they do this?

DataFlow has been developed as an App-based ecosystem that tackles many data management challenges. It works in a very similar way to your smartphone. The intuitive Player runs Apps created by us or the wider DataFlow community. Many Apps will be 100% free to use. This release includes the first of these free Apps, with an Address Checker and a De-Duplication App. These will be followed by the rest of the App portfolio.

What does this mean for me?

The possibilities that this development opens up are seemingly endless. Not only can you now access a library of data management solutions at the click of a button, you finally have a way to share your own technical skill!
Constantly running repetitive processes for others? Create an App that allows them to manage their data independently. Suddenly others can benefit from your capabilities without coming to your desk. And the best bit? The App generation service is free of charge! Simply upload your FME workspace, define who you’d like to access and run it, and we’ll do the rest. Sit back and wait for your workspace to be turned into a fully-usable App.
With this release of DataFlow, miso has taken a major step forward in helping Data Managers get the most out of their ever-increasing volumes of data.
Sound interesting? Visit, email or call 0121 232 8000 to find out more…