Delivering Digital Transformation with FME

The multiple layers of data used by your organisation doesn’t make it easy to move it between different systems. Successfully integrating new technologies into your ecosystem, already containing huge volumes of data and your legacy systems, only makes things more difficult.

When you’re tasked with introducing new technology into your ecosystem, be it in the form of web applications or cloud computing systems, CRM or finance systems, the main question always surrounds the issue of integration. How am I going to migrate my existing CRM data into a cloud-based solution like Salesforce? How can I ensure the move to paperless asset monitoring goes smoothly?

We’ve helped deliver digital transformation within a variety of sectors from building and engineering services to local government. The problems faced along the digital transformation road, however, often bear striking similarities to each other.

Working with an integration tool

In order for your program to be a success, you need to work with an enterprise integration tool that can do most of the heavy-lifting for you. Considering the speed of evolution that these new systems and applications often enjoy, the solution will also need to keep-up with your shifting requirements over time. Typically, it should:

  • Be quick to deploy
  • Be user-friendly
  • Enable data to flow freely between systems and applications
  • Be flexible
  • Be actively evolving

Letting FME take the strain

In our 20 years as Platinum Partners with Safe Software, we’ve found FME to be ideally suited to resolving digital transformation challenges. Priding itself upon being a ‘no-code’ data integration solution, with its drag & drop interface, a little training is all that’s usually needed for users to be able to kick-start things with FME. This takes far less time than coding something from scratch in Javascript or C++, and also means that more staff can better understand the processes being completed.

With a library of over 450+ supported systems and data formats, and an ever-growing list of capabilities, there’s not much that FME can’t help with in terms of digital transformation.  There’s been a number of digital transformation projects and programs that we’ve used FME to support over the years, here are just a couple:

  • A-One+ go paperless with their maintenance records, saving 75% of asset management time taken previously – read the case study!
  • Dorset Council remove the need for hand-drawn maps when hiring contractors to maintain grass verges, streamlining the entire instructing process – read the case study!

Miso work with you, your teams, and your data to provide you with the best personalised solution, powered by FME. Making your road to digital transformation that little bit easier, our experience with FME allows us to build bespoke workflows which integrate your business data and systems seamlessly.