The DataFlow Player

Repetitive data management tasks are more often than not, managed manually as they go largely overlooked when investment is made to automate daily operations on a larger scale. The truth is that these tasks slow processes down, and waste time, money, and resource. Not all users have the knowledge needed to use complex software, and need a simple way to complete tasks effectively and efficiently. The DataFlow Player works with apps created by you, the Dataflow community and the team here at Miso meaning that you have a wealth of carefully-crafted solutions to choose from.

Download, install and go!

Each DataFlow App automates a single or series of low-frequency, low-volume data management tasks, so that you are able to set-up and run processes automatically after only a few clicks. The complex processing magic all happens in the background, meaning that minimal training is required. Apps are available as low-cost annual subscriptions, but there also some available completely free of charge!


Learn more about the apps:

AddressBase Premium
Database Modules
Inspire GML Creator
Topo Optimiser
VML Optimiser

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