FME – The Final Piece in Your Data Puzzle

We’ve been happily partnered-up with Safe Software for two decades now. During this time, we’ve worked hand-in-hand to accelerate the use of FME across the UK; offering software, training and consultancy. We love FME here, and if you’re not already familiar with it, well… we’re more than happy to set-up a date…

We’ve selected some reasons why we think this excellent data integration tool is such an attractive choice. Maybe we’ll return to this enduring love story again some time.

It saves you time

One of the frequently enjoyed benefits of FME is that it takes the strain off you and allows you/ your teams to focus on other things. Are you querying, transforming or integrating data? Speed up your processes and improve the quality of your output with FME Server. You can even schedule your workflows to run at a time that suits you.

It saves you money

Automate your recurring manual tasks and you’re set to improve efficiency with every passing minute. With better efficiency comes lower costs – it’s often that simple. Money can often be better spent elsewhere, and FME can help to free-up those funds.

It integrates with your applications seamlessly

Having problems with moving data between different file formats, web services, databases or applications? FME has a huge integration gallery and an ever-growing list of supported formats. With such a wide-reaching span of integration capabilities, FME is trusted by thousands of organisations worldwide to get data integration done.

It’s always improving

The brilliant technical minds at Safe work hard on product development, listening to all user feedback while preparing updates and incremental releases. A host of exciting, new capabilities come with every new version, many of them sourced from community suggestions. FME changes with the times, and just keeps getting better!

It’s adaptable

FME has broadened its horizons from its origins in spatial, to now work with a vast array of diverse data. With 10,000+ organisations worldwide using FME, its strength is in its ability to solve all manner of data problems, no matter the customer or circumstance.

It’s empowering

The FME platform is powerful and versatile. Often, the only limitation of how it can be used to improve data processes lies in the imagination of the user. It empowers users to be able to design custom workflows, using any combination of 497 transformers to manipulate data in a range of ways. You’re always in control with FME.

It’s at the centre of a community

The FME community are a supportive bunch. Seeking a bit of help? Hundreds of FME users are available online to answer your questions. This is exactly how the learning and support sections of the Safe Software website have become really valuable resources. Users can watch tutorial videos, browse Q&A message boards, or read through supporting technical documents and guides. Technical support is provided by miso, as are a range of carefully-curated training courses to give your skills a boost whenever you may need it.

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