Unlocking Data Flexibility: The benefits of an FME subscription

In the past, software licensing options were limited, and purchasing an application typically meant you had to buy a perpetual license.  You couldn’t buy part of a licence for just a short piece of work, you had to buy the whole thing no matter what you were using it for.

This has been the default option for purchasing FME too. You’d buy FME Form or Flow for a large up-front cost and then pay maintenance to make sure you have an up-to-date version and break-fix support. However, as we’re moving into a more unpredictable data world, these fixed perpetual licenses no longer give you the data flexibility you need.

This is why Safe Software has changed their licencing to make subscription the most compelling way to use software and, most probably the default choice for purchasing FME in the future.

What’s the difference between perpetual and subscription?

Perpetual and subscription licensing is like buying or renting a house. When you own a home, you put down a large chunk of money upfront and then that house becomes yours forever. After a few years in your home, you might have collected a couple of dogs and you find that your house doesn’t fit your needs anymore.  So, you’re either stuck with a compromise or have to spend even more money and get a new place. This is what perpetual licensing is, it’s not flexible.

Renting, on the other hand, is much easier on your wallet upfront. You pay your rent each month and if you need to move somewhere else, that’s what you do – pick up your bags and pay the same money for something that better fits your needs. This is what subscription licensing is.

What are the benefits of FME subscription?

FME Subscriptions are yearly payments over a fixed number of years that give you access to the right mixture of FME that works for you given your needs at that time – not what you thought were your needs some years ago.  There are many reasons to choose subscription over perpetual:

Upfront costs

The upfront costs of subscriptions are a fraction of the costs of perpetual licences.  This is so important in this time of squeezed budgets; you can get up and going in completely budget friendly way rather than having to make that big investment.

Faster to Deploy

With an FME Subscription, you no longer have to procure FME licenses individually. Crucially, this means that work can start on a data management project straight away. You no longer have to reach out to procurement or build a new business case. Not only does this reduce the workload of your procurement team, but it makes sure that licenses are available when and where they are needed.

Agile Approach

With an FME Subscription, you’re not stuck with a pre-defined list of licences. If you want to swap a couple of FME Form licenses for an FME Flow engine to deliver a data project – you can.

Deliver Services with Resilience

With an FME Subscription, you can get access to development and test licenses to trial any changes you make to workspaces. This helps minimise any disruptions to business-critical automated processes.

Value for money

At miso we believe FME provides the best value in the industry. Subscription provides you with a continued growth path, increasing the opportunity to deploy licences in a controlled and cost-effective manner and gives a better return on investment in the long term.

Want to discover more about FME Subscriptions?

Of course, you can still buy licenses perpetually but, with Safe Software introducing some remarkable offers, it looks like subscription is going to be the sensible choice going forward.

If you want to learn more about FME subscriptions and offers, get in touch with the miso team.