We’re on G-Cloud 11!

Do you need to procure through G-Cloud? Do you have the need for some great data services? If you answered “yes” to both questions, we have some good news.

For the 7th year running, we’re listed on the governments’ Digital Marketplace and comply with the latest G-Cloud 11 framework. You’ll find our services included under the “Cloud Software” category.

We have been providing data management solutions for 30 years, helping more than 200 local authorities do more with their data. From the INSPIRE directive to spatially optimised datasets, there’s little that we’ve not seen.

Miso services currently available on the Digital Marketplace:

  • Accelerated Insight Platform (AIP) – get detailed answers to your complex operational questions, fast. A unique and innovative solution which delivers data insight using Cloud and AI technology.
  • DataPublisher – our hugely popular service.  Automates the complex process of publishing INSPIRE compliant data to data.gov.uk.
  • DataOptimiser – it takes time and effort to translate and style your MasterMap or VectorMap data. Our service delivers it to you in a ready-to-use format with market-leading styling.
  • MapMaker – when you just need a map, our service selects, cuts, and produces one for you, all through a user-friendly interface.
  • FME Cloud – fully embrace data automation and integration with FME Cloud. We are long-term Platinum Partners with the developers of FME, so we know a thing or two about its benefits.

Find us on G-Cloud

You can check out our listing here.