Is there a more efficient way to train your team?

Professional development is a key part of keeping your team at the top of their game, but so often training courses deliver business-critical skills inefficiently. Training days are long, covering a lot of topics and giving delegates little time to truly digest what has been delivered. Ultimately, your team don’t get the full value from the training that you’ve paid for.

We developed our modular training programme to make accessing training easier for our FME users. Delivered remotely, the modules cover the same content as our in-person training with the same level of instructor support.

Our FME Professionals have been delivering these training modules for over a year now. Over that time, we’ve concluded that it’s the better way to train. Here are just a few reasons why…


Shorter modules are more accessible

Traditionally, training takes your team away from their duties for days at a time. These tasks still need to be done, so jobs must either be redirected to other busy team members or pile up until staff return to their desks.

Modular training takes just a couple of hours out of a delegate’s day, with sessions running in the morning or the afternoon. This allows your team to book onto sessions that work around their scheduled tasks.


Learning is completely flexible

Full FME Desktop training is great for those that are just getting started, but if your team are looking to brush up on specific skills, they don’t need a full course.

With modular training, delegates can tailor their learning to focus on the topics they need to succeed in their role and leave the less relevant stuff. Already got a spatial data specialist on the team? No problem, they can skip that module and use a credit on something else.


It’s Remote Work friendly

All delegates need to take our modular training is a computer with a stable internet connection. Our training platform hosts all the assets your team need on a virtual machine. This lets them access training where ever they are, be that the office, at home, or tucked away in a local coffee shop.


Knowledge retention is improved

FME is a vast tool, capable of performing a wide range of complicated tasks. With so much to learn, it’s hardly a surprise that not everything covered in a full day’s training course will sink in.

Our training modules break our in-person courses into topics, such as Best Practices, Managing and Filtering, and Spatial Data. By focusing on a single topic per session, delegates have more time to absorb the lessons being delivered. There’s also the opportunity to bring any questions they may have about previous modules to their next session.


It’s Lower Cost

Simply put, by removing the need to travel or host training sessions we’re able to shave off any additional cost and get training delivered for the best possible price.


Interested in giving modular training a try?

We’ve been partnered with Safe Software, the brains behind FME, for more than 20 years. Our FME Professionals have used their experience to create a programme that maximises learning potential. If there’s anyone you should trust with this style of FME training, it’s us.

If you’d like to get yourself booked onto a module or two, get your hands on some training credits by reaching out to your account managers.  They’re always on hand to advise you on the best learning plan for your role, team, department, or organisation.


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