Asset Management Made Easier with Miso & FME

Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are making a big difference to the asset management landscape. But, asset management is only just beginning to truly recognise the value that these can offer. In an often confusing world full of solutions with futuristic capabilities and the revolutionary promises to match, it can be difficult to know what new things to adopt, and what’s best to keep ‘as-is’.

Asset management remains full of slow, repetitive manual processes in dire need of optimisation. Huge volumes of data in different formats and of varying quality, floods teams and IT systems which creak under the pressure. Often, data is loaded into multiple different databases in order to inform future maintenance regimes. Good and proper management of asset data is difficult, as complex transactions are happening constantly. It’s easy to see how time and resource are so quickly eaten-up by processing all of this data, manually.

Embracing the future of asset management

By embracing new technologies with ETL, machine learning and AI functionality, operational efficiency can be improved dramatically. Say goodbye to swathes of paper-based records and constant human-data interaction causing reliability and compliance issues. With FME, data can be cleaned, quality checked, re-formatted and processed before being securely loaded into databases. The workflows are completely replicable, as well as being operated by a single click, or even being fully automated.

asset management FME workbench screenshot

We use FME to solve asset data challenges. It offers an expansive library of capabilities and is therefore adaptable to all manner of scenarios. FME and miso have an illustrious history of providing spatial data solutions. This is valuable in the world of asset management as there’s naturally a need to locate, record and monitor physical assets.

Harness miso expertise for successful projects

Spatial is far from the only type of data that asset managers are regularly faced-with, though. Expert miso innovation coupled with the power of FME means that no matter the form or format of the data; the end result is the same: more efficient and cost-effective processes.

At miso, we have a solid knowledge of and a wealth of experience in working to improve asset management across a range of large organisations, from the Environment Agency to A-one+. We make sure that our clients aren’t confused by complicated solutions, by communicating clearly. Client requirements can then be met quickly and in a more collaborative manner. We revel in solving the congestion on the B-Roads that people in asset management run into on a daily basis; the pinch points that slow processes, and cause frustration.

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